Electrical Repair and Maintenance

Electrical Repair and Maintenance

in Boise, ID

Commercial and industrial customers throughout southwest Idaho and southeast Oregon rely on Enterprise Electric to keep their operations running smoothly. Whether it’s troubleshooting a tripped circuit breaker, repairing burnt-out motors or replacing pole lights, we’ll get you back up and operating in no time:

When a motor failed at Qwest Arena, quick response by Enterprise Electric prevented the ice in the arena from melting and helped avoid a major catastrophe.

An electrical meat grinder failed at Winco on a busy Saturday. Emergency repairs by Enterprise Electric prevented downtime that could have caused unhappy customers and lost business.

Preventive Maintenance. For many companies, regularly-scheduled preventive maintenance turns out to be much less expensive than the service disruptions and production downtime caused by outages, failures or breakdowns in electrical systems. In addition, many companies have safety programs that rely on preventive maintenance to proactively deal with potential problems before they become actual hazards.

Enterprise Electric can design and implement a routine service schedule for your organization so you can avoid the expense and loss of productivity caused by work stoppages:
• Comprehensive inventory of electrical systems and components
• Identification of immediate problems
• Determination of critical points of failure that affect production/safety
• Development of plan that meets operational, safety and budget requirements
• Test emergency backup and power system