Electrical Retrofit

Electrical Retrofit

As a participant in the Idaho Power Easy Upgrades Incentive Program, Enterprise Electric is qualified to install and certify energy saving solutions while securing rebate incentives totaling thousands of dollars. This reduces your initial cost while delivering long-term savings. An additional benefit is improved lighting aesthetics and workplace/environmental quality.

Recent retrofit projects include:

• A Boise firm with a large manufacturing facility slashed energy costs over $53,000 a year. The site was using T-12 fluorescent lamps in office areas and 1000-watt Metal Halide lamps in its manufacturing and warehouse locations. Enterprise Electric's retrofit project reduced costs from $67,000 per year before the upgrade to only $14,400 per year after.

• High Desert Harley-Davidson/Buell earned more than $3,700 in rebates from Idaho Power. Enterprise Electric replaced Metal Halide lighting with new, high-efficiency fixtures that will reduce energy costs by over $1,600 a year.

• The 1st Presbyterian Church improved overall lighting aesthetics while reducing lighting costs by about $900 per year. Enterprise Electric replaced existing High-Pressure Sodium type light fixtures and incandescent bulbs to cut costs while securing an $1,849 rebate from Idaho Electric.